unicorn catcher

omne trium perfectum


  • nearly 1000 poems; the most important of them is called “conscious”.
  • four short novels:
    “Reason and Wisdom,” “Perfect,” “Democracy,” “now, then, and forever.”  (yes, their combined titles are important.)
  • various short stories; the one I like the most is called “Inventory.”


  • I am from Wadena, Saskatchewan (situated on Treaty 4 Territory.)
  • I’ve lived in three countries: Canada, Wales and Cuba.
  • I eschew labels, but when asked, I say I am left wing.

unicorn catcher:

  • I like the truth, I like to know things are getting better, and I like honesty.
  • I like perfection, and the tension between what I aspire to and what I am.
  • I am grateful and lucky for the life I’ve been given.