preoccupied, ‘suppose,
with things larger than life
(those definitions were always a little
vague and reaching)

there is a volume of experience
awaiting each of us.
it is stored on a shelf high up.
ladders exist! just find one.

I did. I am one of those fortunate ones.
never expecting things to change this much,
they pulled down the dictionary and
tore out the whole page so it could be rewritten.

I have thought, not so humbly,
I had answers, enlightenment, knowledge,
wisdom, power, beauty, fear, love,
experience, peace, maps, the truth.

when the universe decides to unveil its true self,
all becomes a petty pool.
a mess of ideological impurity.
a yawn and a smirk, and maybe a wink.

getting caught up in this business
knowing it all pays the bills, after all-
until life no longer accepts that currency.
I like what I’ve been now issued.

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