code switcher

so what now?
you want to be one of those
who wield influence, do you?

you want
the woke
to witness
just how welcome you are?

bow down, wretch
whatever made you think
this world was made for you?

come on.
go easy.
warn me a little
before this lashing.

I wonder aloud
and quietly
how to compose.

I may be wholly
for this moment.

this isn’t how I write.
I form sentences
with more composure.

or not,
I writhed
with the demons.
I wrestled
their challenges to my posture.

the stoicism is wrought
with fault.
I wish
I could do better
than my best.

so shift.
there is a responsibility
to keep the roof from caving.
be those pillars.
be those irons, embedded,
encased in cement.

front of the line,
when appropriate.
take that space,
switch off the delicate.

If you’re genuine,
If your intentions are pure,
they’ll know.
they’ll be able to read
– beep boop beep –
your message.