they drown me like the scourge I am
but I build up my forces with brick and mortar
and they pretend their aurora promotes a euphoria
but I sought out their plots of sabotage.

and stars shattered sound barriers
they whisked me away into climatic headaches
where even voids cast shadows
she told me why I was here.

I felt welcomed when she roped me in
connections grew out of the covers she wrapped herself under
eye contact did more than secure her clench
on my movement, on my money, on my mind

and like a fairy she pranced
a teddy bear picnic for the rest of us
where love bent the wooden beams with more magnitude than the winter’s might
for a desire to worship, I felt compelled.

I don’t ask for the forgiveness I was granted
I don’t question the satisfaction I was given
I don’t worry over the words I was rambling
I don’t stress enough the relief I was needing
I don’t challenge the quotas I was fulfilling
I only transmit interpersonal infrastructure’s importance.

because she leapt off that ivory tower
even when it was only a few metres from me
she dove into everything I yearned for
she surfaced with the pearl I kept clammed away

I manifest dreams of this sort of reality
and wander into lost conversations of production when they pinch me
but never do I expect tenderness so soothing
when inflammation burns all documentation I have of hope.

I can close my eyes now and find a vast awakening
my future longed for this beginning to blossom
shimmer, twinkle, a wink in the universe
I now know why I am here.

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