Deliriously searching
new ways to disrobe.

the costumes of performative
gender and class and upbringing.

This newfound prestige
defined by dissonance.

Arbitrary governance of how
wrapped up we become in impression.

I blended notions of what it means to adhere.
I cauterized status with my own needs of belonging.
I melted together caution and consternation and hoped for the best.

the contrarian instinct
to abandon harmony.

to restructure the mindset away from commonality
and paddling towards dissent.

peace in the timeless expansion of all chaos
rather than authoritative notions of a plan.

peer to peer, influenced to incise
those rules of conformity and alter.

you wanted to fit in.
you mentioned, once, the sell job, in astounded contempt.
you knew it was about you.

Without shouting the establishment’s fault! –
Who will challenge the complacency?

maybe the tree climbers, or the well diggers,
sometimes the word scribblers, even the pulse checkers.

This is the journey and, for some,
the maturest destination.

Will they know they were questioned?
They hold such unchecked power.

we rebel.