sentient hurricane

Fleeting happiness
To hover above this luscious green forest
And feel the fronds’ pointed piercing as I pulled them one by one from their trunks.
I just wanted to hold them all!

I lap up the currents
And sip back the salty brew
Some of it is natural;
Often slicked with your effluents, I will note.

I would put it all back,
Knowing that would make everyone and everything happier,
But I can’t.
But I just can’t do it.

It’s not in my DNA.
The more I try the more carnage I unleash.

I hear your wails,
I register the complaints and count them as part of the duties as required
But I have no use for them here.

Here, high above all of your seemingly entranced life,
I see what you think makes a pattern of sense.

To me, it’s all muck.

I brought it right to your doorsteps!

There is no logic in your thought!
Why build your homes close to the shore when you do not wish your floors and your walls to experience the joy of the ocean swells!

You should be thankful, then
As am I

For this existence is fleeting.
Borne of your tropical warmth I am destined to dissipate faster than history often records.
As are you.

You could learn a lot from me.
Look me in the eye and tell me I’m not powerful, just being myself.