service marketing

Find a place here.
bring together your community.
The photos worthy of the gram.
The drinks. The celebration.
You’ll find yourself, catching your breath,
looking across this space at those you adore
and remember how cherishable this experience was.
Those special moments,
The stitched together love and laughter.

(You charge people money to physically be in a room.)

It’s a hustle,
This hectic life.
You need to escape!
Sit back. The break is now yours.
Take your mind off the road and let your thoughts wander.
You gotta get away.
We gotta get you there.
Pristine seats, immaculate cleanliness.
The honourable chauffeur awaits you,
Dotes on you,
goes where you need to go.

(You charge people money to drive them in your car.)

For a small moment,
There is exaltation.
What’s that? your tongue and tastebuds will stall.
The astonishment.
You you wonder: what inspired this concoction?
Was the chef hiking, somewhere exotic, perhaps,
Maybe up the steep hills at Machu Picchu,
When this flavour combination burst into their brain?
What went through their creative juices
To come up with such an elixir?

(You charge people money to cook meat and vegetables.)