things you could be doing instead of hating queers

planting gardens,
because every body needs nourishment.

listening to the rain,
because the softness distills the world’s anger.

travelling to an island,
because water and beaches make everyone happy.

raising children,
because life is more enjoyable with young smiley faces.

reading books,
because the human mind is built to be expanded.

dyeing hair,
because everyone needs a change now and then.

riding a bicycle,
because the exercise is amplified by fresh air.

picking wild flowers,
because someone special will always appreciate the effort.

calling your grandma,
because the generations of insight are useful in the battles ahead.

sorting your socks,
because societal norms dictate wearing whites with blacks is just a no no.

planning a scavenger hunt,
because everyone likes the mystery unraveling with a few clues in hand.

building a fort,
because bedrooms are meant to be dissheveled.

drinking water,
because humans need it to survive.

folding a paper airplane,
because the young and old all love to see them fly.

writing a screenplay,
because in each of us there lies a desire to see our name in lights.

hunting for a four leaf clover,
because there has to be some truth to the tale that they exist.

delivering baked goods to a friend,
because even the most grumpy of person has a sweet tooth.

loving everyone,
because in this cruel world there are few cold hard truths:
we will die, we will feel pain,
and every moment feeling loved will ease the burden
of all intolerance and bigotry and hatred from our backs
and restore our humanity once again.

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