two fur coats

burdened by the weight and heat,
they shed.
shying short of an eviction, perhaps,
but certainly a collective upheaval of the
shackling skins.

at least, that is what I think I saw.
perceptions can be such messy, impolite opinions.

with a shrouded secrecy,
she sauntered.
she may just be a burger baron
by night, a whitespot chef who delivers,
but by day: the ambler strode through the streets
with limitless potential.
enshrined in fur, perhaps one wears
more than a mere hide of concealment.

the grossly overstretched sleeves
became the garment openings for hands
too logical to do more than pick the best of
he had no problem sorting our rubbish,
descending into the burdensome task of
making a fortune from bottle collection.

the point being,
if there is one,
that the collections of animal hair did more for
me today
than they usually do on the bodies of
well-off people from well-off worlds with well-off expense accounts
and well off intentions.

when worn by the peasants,
they transform the potential loneliness of existence
into an appreciation for beauty.