unicorn catcher

  • I like the truth, to improve things, and honesty.
  • I like the tension between who I am and perfection.
  • I am grateful and lucky for the life I’ve been given.
The best people. At home in Casa GG, December 2019.

some fortunate things:


Sandy, Taffy, Lilo, Camilo, Jenny, Laliche, Tim, Mia, Timo, Cornelius, Rio, Kia

with Cornelius in Havana
with Cornelius in Havana. January 2021.


Canada, United States, Wales, England, Scotland, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Cuba.

in California’s redwood forest. April 2008.


books: 1984, Contact. Visit my goodreads.

music: Tori Amos is my version of religion.

meeting Tori Amos December 3 2007.
meeting Tori Amos December 3 2007.

ideas that excite me

  • underground currencies
  • progressive credit unions
  • crown corporations
  • co-operatives
  • worker-owned establishments
  • post neo-liberalism

things that excite me

  • e-paper
  • tiny things: tiny cell phones, tiny cameras, tiny computers
  • correspondence from friends
  • coffee, over ice
  • neon green
  • rain drops that don’t drip away
  • really bad hair styles that look fashionable, somehow

what I want in life

  • happiness
  • love
  • more house music
  • innovative boredom killers
  • the ability to savour
  • more

flaws I have

  • limited ability to savour
  • easily bored
  • easily unimpressed
  • rapidly jumping to conclusions
  • overly analytical

tendencies to gain

  • better metabolism
  • patience
  • contentment
  • living in the moment
  • fewer hesitations
  • more doubt
  • balance
  • online quizzes I’d actually complete